Dedicated to the Polarad Corporation which created some of the finest test equipment ever made.

The Polarad Corporation was based in New York City. At the time, The City was a center for technological inovation.
Currently, I doubt there are more than a handful of Electronics companies left there.

I will try to keep this website as up to date as my time allows. In the meantime, any manuals, notes or any other documentation you want me to post please send to:

I have the bandwidth, so please feel free. Also, I would never charge a fee for downloads. This is a friendly site, not a for-profit. Thank You!

Actually, if you worked at Polarad and have any stories to tell, please send me a note. I am interested in anything you have to say about this great company.

73's, your sysop, N2FGX



Mr. Bernd Johann just got a beautiful SA-84WA.
Check it out here

Like the other unit, this one is just incredible!
Thank you Mr. Johann for the updates.
Please check out his museum as well
I believe he also has some manuals online.

[Updated Feb 8, 2015]

Big shout out to Mr. Bernd Johann. He sent me a very nice email about Polarad and this:
Absolutely beautiful yellow UPM 84A spectrum analyzer

I have never in my life seen such a beautifull unit and in such a fantastic condition. From his words:

The unit was over 30 years stored in a private collection, told to be defectiv. As I inspected the analyzer I recognized, that someone tried to operate the eqipment at a 230V line and the 6A fuse has been burnt. I inserted a new one, connected the analyzer to a autotransformer and start up carefully to 115 V. The fan blows and soon the blue sweep appears at the screen. As I further see: The analyzer is in fully working condition.
Needless to say Mr. Johann is a very happy man!!!
Please check out his museum as well
I believe he also has some manuals online.

[Updated Nov 12, 2014]

Mr. GW Comes through!!!
He sent two documents with complete bio for the two Polarad founders: P.H.Odessey and D.L.Jaffe. Amazing Documents. Have a look here:

Thank you again Mr. GW! Please send us more!

Mr. GW Sent me a very nice scan of the first page of the Polarad Spectrum Magazine. Dated 1960. Looks amazing. Have a look here: Polarad Spectrum 1960 Page 1

Thank you Mr. GW! Please send us more!
Update 3/20 -- Mr. GW sent page 2 as well: Polarad Spectrum 1960 Page 2

[Updated Mar 20, 2014]

This is the email that I got last week:

I am an owner of "Spectrum analyzer techniques Handbook" from Polarad Electronics co., 4th ed. 1962.
If you need it to publish on your site, I can scan it and convert in pdf file.
I think no infringement of copyright, as Polarad doesn't exist more ...

Well, as it turns aout, Carl was kind enough to provide me with a pdf of the manual
and believe me it is a beauty! Spectrum analyzer theory and implementation.
This is the Fourth Edition, published in 1962. The first edition was published in 1955!
Safe to say that in 1955, the entire spectrum analyzer inventory (in the planet Earth)
was no more than a handful!
You guys have to see this one!

73's Carl! You rock my brother!

[Updated Jan 7, 2014]

Polarad Manuals. Also, some Panoramic.
A collection of manuals, donated, purchased or found at hamfests. Download and enjoy.
[Updated as new posts come in]

The Famous Lawsuit
In 1961, Polaroid (The Camera company) sued Polarad Electronics, stating that the name "Polarad" was too similar to "Polaroid" and was confusing Polaroid customers.

Well, hell yeah I can see how! I wanted to snap some pics and I walked out with a spectrum analyzer!

Anyway, Polaroid lost. Click on the link above for a thorough treatment. This was a historic win for Polarad. It set precedent for many other cases.
[January 2011 - Will update as I get collect more info and summarize]

Mr. David Fee Documents
Mr. David Fee (VE7SGI) is the proud owner of a TSA-W.
He has donated some pictures and is proposing that anyone who needs
more info on the TSA-W and TSA-WF get in touch with him.

He also needs info on the SA-82W. Please help him out.
[January 2011]

Polarad Queens Building Pictures
So, me and the boyz took some very nice pictures of the Polarad buildings, in Queens.
Like I said before, this area no longer serves the Hi-Tech industry. Enjoy!

If you have the bandwidth, Polarad Queens Building Pictures [Very-Hi-Rez]
[February 2011]